How I Got A Biblical Worldview

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Let me tell you a story about how I got a biblical worldview. I attended public school my whole life. My parents and siblings and I went to church every Sunday and most Wednesdays. At a young age I knew that the Bible was true, Jesus is the only way to God, and I needed to trust Him to be the Lord of my life. I did that at eight years old. As a teenager, the Lord spoke to me one day and told me, “I’m a part of every area of your life.” That’s when I realized that my walk with God was more than just church attendance and prayer before meals. Reading my Bible every day more and more was the beginning of the development of my biblical worldview. 


Two things happened to me before graduating high school. One, God showed me that he created me to be a teacher and wanted me to go to college. He spoke to me again in his still small voice and said, “I am a part of every subject.” 

The second thing that happened to me before graduating high school was I was fed up with being around people who didn’t care about God. I wanted to go to a Christian university and become a teacher in a Christian school. I became intensely serious about my relationship with God. As far as I was concerned, I wanted God in every aspect of my life including what I did as a career. 


Consequently, off to college I went in a Christian environment and with Christian friends and Christian professors but no one taught me how God was a part of every subject. Believe me, I took every class there was on how to teach each subject but there was no mention of God. The main goal of this program was to certify me as a public school teacher. Back then, that’s not what God wanted me to do. Before graduating college, I married my best friend. I decided to quit school one year early and dedicate myself to full-time missionary work. 

Textbook for Teacher Training from a Biblical Worldview of education for Christian Teachers

I heard about a year-long training school for Christian teachers in Christian schools. The school teaches that every subject is derived from the Word of God and His character. I did not hesitate to sign up for that. That was my first introduction to a biblical worldview. During this year-long training, I learned about a philosophy of education created by The Foundation for American Christian Education called The Principle Approach®. We used The Red Books: The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America: Christian Self-Government by Verna Hall and Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History: The Principle Approach® by Rosalie Slater. We also used another red book called A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School: The Principle Approach® by James B. Rose which was published by American Christian History Institute. The main purpose is to restore America’s Christian history and America’s role in preserving liberty. 

I learned many things. First, I learned that America‘s educational system is based on the principles that our founding fathers believed in which were based on the Bible. I had no idea. It was amazing to see proof of that in the original sources. Second, I learned about the constitution and how it shapes our American society and culture. Next, I learned about the secular humanists that have influenced our culture over the years. We were taught the Chain of Christianity, which is a series of links in America’s history showing how the gospel shaped the ideas of liberty. I had no idea how the history of the past connected to America’s history. I learned the interconnected events throughout the world’s history that brought about a form of liberty in America that had yet to exist. It’s one of the most fascinating and enlightening stories I’ve ever heard.

NOW IT MAKES SENSE…but not for public schools

I was able to put together all the unrelated facts I learned in public school into one unifying message of the gospel‘s influence on the world. This changed my life in my whole perspective on everything I do. That was the beginning of learning the biblical worldview of education and have seen it erode more and more especially now. I’m going to fight, speak out, and stand for truth to the end. Who wants to join me?

This type of study is very intense and takes many years to fully develop, but the news is out and there is a generation of young leaders right now in our country who are speaking out the truth of these ideas. In the last six months I’ve never heard so many young conservatives speak tidbits of America’s true history and knowledge of biblical principles on TV or the Internet. And guess what? Some of them were homeschooled. With easy access to the Internet there are so many opportunities for us as conservatives to speak out biblical truth. Our country was not based on slavery but on biblical principles of liberty, independence, and self government. 


As a teacher I spent 15 years in private Christian education but now God is calling me to the public school. In this season of my life it is time to join the club and do my part to speak out the truth of biblical principles and since I am a Christian teacher in public school I want to help all Christian teachers in public schools learn and integrate biblical principles in their lessons. This type of biblical integration goes beyond treating others in a Christlike manner. It’s about explicitly teaching the truth of America’s Christian history and perpetuating the Christian principles of liberty and self-government in the reading, writing, math, and science lessons that we teach. That’s what I get excited about.

What about you? What is your worldview? How do you as a Christian teacher in public school integrate the word of God into what you do? How did you learn how to integrate the word of God into what you do? What books have you read that you were inspired by to live out your faith as a Christian teacher in public schools?

Stay tuned for more about how to get a biblical worldview.