Author: kahuahana

Biblical Worldview of Reading

Introduction to Reading Crisis When it comes to understanding the biblical worldview of reading, you must first understand the crisis we have in this country in reading. Reading is foundational to all knowledge and progress in our personal lives. Search “Reading Literacy in America” and you will find a lot of unfathomable facts. The statistics […]

Biblical Worldview of Children (Part 2)

I think this topic, the biblical worldview of children, warranted a second part because there are so many implications to what I communicated in my last post.  If we believe that our worldview is biblical, then let’s review what the Bible says about children and how we should treat them. There are 3 main ideas […]

Biblical Worldview of Children

There are many intriguing facets to the topic of the biblical worldview of children that Christian teachers in public schools should reflect upon. When I started in public school and I was praying about the purpose God had for me, I came to the conclusion that I can integrate my biblical worldview of children no […]

Biblical Worldview of Lesson Planning

Topics v. Skills It’s been interesting going from private school to public school. I taught in a private school for 14 years. You’d think I would know how to teach in a public school. Nope! That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I spent four years learning the curriculum of public schools. I’ve been analyzing […]

Biblical Worldview of Classroom Management

Today was an interesting day! My second day back to work and I had to reflect on the biblical worldview of classroom procedures. I know they are needed, but I began to really think about God’s purpose for this. What is the biblical principle behind classroom procedures? What truth do I want my students to […]

How I Got A Biblical Worldview

PUBLIC SCHOOL Let me tell you a story about how I got a biblical worldview. I attended public school my whole life. My parents and siblings and I went to church every Sunday and most Wednesdays. At a young age I knew that the Bible was true, Jesus is the only way to God, and […]