How do you know you’re integrating a biblical worldview in the public school?

Kids around the school table


Teach your students from day one how to govern themselves and think for themselves. Teach them the importance of liberty and independence. Their life is valuable. Each person has a unique contribution. This is how we prepare our students for citizenship in a free country. Furthermore, character education is also a part of this. Use the fruits of the spirit as character qualities you expect from your students. Tie them into the schools expected learning outcomes.


Teach the history and meaning of the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Pledge of Allegiance no matter what grade or subject being taught. Even if your lessons are short and infrequent, the principles by which you govern your classroom are based on those ideas. Additionally, teach them the faith and character of key individuals in our history such as the pilgrims, George Washington, and George Washington Carver.


Ensure that all your students are able to read and understand literature. Reading is a very important skill and cannot be underestimated. We want our students to be able to read independently on grade level. Too many students cannot do this. This is the main problem in our school system.

I’ve noticed that in the public school we teach reading but we don’t make sure our students read well because we’re focused on other standards or expectations and if that student didn’t learn how to read fluently in second or third grade then it’s too late. I wholeheartedly disagree with that. I teach fifth grade and realize that most of my fifth graders can’t read at a third grade level.

This coming school year I’m going to teach second grade and that is going to be my main goal. A reading student is a learning student and a thinking student. If a child does not master reading fluency, they will struggle their entire life. 99% of my students don’t even like reading. That was me. Make reading fun. Read books aloud that are engaging and interesting for students.