Elementary Reading Teaching Packet

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This resource is 45-page pack for homeschool parents who want to learn how to teach young children (grades PK-2) how to read, spell, and write. There are 6 lessons, 2 pages of resource links that you may want to use, 15 worksheets, 18 handouts, and instructions on how to put it all together in a schedule or routine. It covers all aspects of letter recognition, phonics activities, blending, segmenting, fluency, early comprehension, spelling, grammar, and composition. You’ll have a big picture view of this subject and be able to adjust instruction with your child to meet their individual needs. You no longer have to guess how to help you child when they get stuck. You’ll have the basic training of a reading specialist. Get yourself in a simple and straightforward routine every week or use the routines flexibly. Teaching reading will be fun and creative. Your children will have those basic skills down and be better prepared for upper elementary and beyond. THIS IS A PDF DOWNLOAD.


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