Literature Study Notebook Pages

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This 18 page packet is for studious upper elementary, middle, and high school students to do a literature study on a book of their choice, maybe even a short book of the Bible, like Jonah, perhaps select chapters from the story of Joseph, or a history book. It includes notebook pages that are done independently with parent help and guidance as a free flowing way for students to do an in-depth study of their novel or chapter book. The notebook pages guide students through an intentional study of the biblical purpose of literature (which can be spread out over several weeks); composing their own title page; studying the author background, vocabulary, setting, characters, plot, theme, style, and factual information; researching and analyzing key words; using a T-Chart to analyze internal/external characteristics, before/after, cause/effect, problem/solution, or compare/contrast; reasoning through the biblical principles from topics in the book; and writing a three-paragraph book review. This resource is great if you want to develop in your child strong comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and a biblical reasoning skills. Older children will be able to do it more thoroughly than younger children, but it’s meant to be 85% complete to get the most benefit out of it. This packet can take up to 3 months or longer to complete (if you complete every page which is optional). This is a resource you can use every year as students grow in their ability to learn and study. Children will be able to share their knowledge of the book with others and gain confidence in their own scholarship abilities. THIS IS A PDF DOWNLOAD.


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