Pilgrim Story Notebook Assignments

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This resource is for the whole family!!! There are 4 lessons with 10 different reading and writing assignments that dig deep into the text of Bradford’s history. You’ll be challenged to think deeply and reason with a Biblical mindset. Learn what led the Pilgrims to leave England and all the struggles they went through to come to America. You’ll be astounded by the trials they overcame and the faith that sustained them. Their example is a shining light in history of how they planted the seed of local self-government in America with the care and supervision of God. You’ll be inspired to live out the same kind of faith and courage in your life for the sake of the Gospel and God’s glory. Includes coloring pages for the younger kids but assignments can be adjusted to the reading and writing level of your children either by writing less or spreading it out to multiple days. THIS IS A PDF DOWNLOAD.


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