Penmanship Practice Packet

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This packet has penmanship practice pages for every week in the school year. It shows you the progression children should go through from forming the letter a to writing sentences. You can make a copy of the exact page you need for the week. Use the same sheet for the whole week practicing a line or two every day, or make multiple copies of that page for daily practice. You can also reprint a particular page from a previous week if you find that you need to go back and practice. You will also find guidelines for penmanship and pages to practice the common 70 phonograms. This packet of PDF’s have over 85 pages and will last you 2-3 years and help your child build a solid foundation for writing intelligently, fluently and legibly. They will not only learn how letters are formed (where they begin and end), they will also learn the sounds of the letter, and know exactly where they go on the paper. Also included are different sized lines for progressive writing. Beginning students will have fat lined paper and gradually progress to regular sized lines. See product gallery for samples. THIS IS A PDF DOWNLOAD.


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